Organizational shadow is a term that describes aspects of an organization that it doesn’t admit to having. Because they are hidden, they stop the organization functioning in a healthy and productive way. It is important to bring them to light so that the organization can be more honest with itself and more functional.

Who is Br. Ed?

BrEd-Changin-Nov12-OneLaSalle-1-featureDe La Salle Brothers at La Salle Academy in the Lower East Side captured his heart, and at 17 he left home on a lifelong pilgrimage as a Lasallian Brother.

Brother Ed’s journey over some 55 plus years has not been to foreign lands or scenic wonders, but mostly through the streets of the South Bronx as teacher, principal and executive director. Never alone and always welcome by the families whose home is there, the people and place shaped and formed Ed’s heart.

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