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Introduction I’ve spoken with about 100 individual Brothers during the past year concerning their lifelong work with poor children and their families. In speaking about the past, they all had examples of teaching in elementary or high schools in poor neighborhoods, working in the institutions for child care, or at Lasallian colleges and universities. In [...]

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The Ruple Effect

Young Volunteers Embrace the Lasallian Mission for Life Click here to see Lasallian Volunteers alumni serving in schools & ministries today Heather Ruple serving with the young Miguel Men at The San Miguel School Providence, RI Early on September 1, 2001, Heather Ruple, a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, walked [...]

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Lessons from the Street

Walking a New Beat With Those We Serve Officer Edward Phelan of the old 72nd precinct in Brooklyn waked the beat for 24 years with his friends and neighbors. My father was a New York City cop in the old 72nd precinct in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn during the 1940s. His [...]

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April 2015 Minute: Founders Day

Lasallian Minute with Br. Ed: May 2015 from Lasallian Volunteers on Vimeo.

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All My Everything

On February 9, 2015 news outlets across the world announced the death of Kayla Jean Mueller, 26, at the hands of her ISIS militant captors in Syria. She had been kidnapped 18 months earlier with a friend as they sought a bus to return to their homes in Turkey. In the days that followed, her parents [...]

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Lasallian Minute: April Fools 2015

Lasallian Minute with Br. Ed: April 2015 from Lasallian Volunteers on Vimeo.

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Resilience with Help from Above

The first meaningful Christian image for me at a young age was my guardian angel. I prayed to this angel every day and knew he would be there for me no matter what. I felt God at that time was busy with many things but this angel was always near. As time went on and [...]

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Spirit at Work

Recently on a freezing cold morning, I found myself sitting in the corner of a school cafeteria with a warm, delicious cup of coffee in my hands. Seated near a few hundred students, I was chatting with a veteran Lasallian teacher. After we exchanged insights into modern teenage society, he quickly got on to another topic [...]

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Lasallian Minute: Day of the Dead

Lasallian Minute with Br. Ed: November 2014 from Lasallian Volunteers on Vimeo.

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Lasallian Blue Bloods

Illustration by Al Cassidy 2014 Derived from medieval Europe, “blue bloods” distinguishes the upper class—whose veins appeared blue through their untanned skin—from the working class of the time. The term eventually came to refer generally to a those who inherited a bloodline. Len Cariou plays Henry Regan, the family patriarch and  former New York police [...]

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